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Political Ethics: Anatomy of Malta’s Panama Papers Scandal

This week’s “Panama Papers” leak highlighted the activities of notable citizens in many countries. The recent revelations only confirm what everyone (and we mean, everyone) in Malta has been talking about for the past several weeks: Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Keith Schembri both have connections to companies in […]

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How Brexit would effect Malta

Written by BCI’s Matthew Lowell, a version of this opinion piece appeared in today’s Times of Malta.  It has been reproduced with the permission of the newspaper. British Prime Minister David Cameron is in Brussels this week in an attempt to gain approval from European Union leaders on a reform package for Britain’s membership of […]

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The Valletta Summit: A stepping stone towards more solidarity

The Valletta Summit – a stepping stone towards more solidarity Guest post by Miriam Dalli, Member of the European Parliament Malta has, throughout its history, been at the crossroads between Europe and African. Millions of years ago, Malta was indeed a land bridge between the landmasses we today recognise as two of the world’s continents. […]

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