crisis management

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It is too late to invest in crisis communications when you are at the beginning of one. We strongly advise everyone to have plans in place to respond to crises and ensure everyone understands what is their role. Almost everyone has to buy insurance for automobiles, homes, and valued assets - Crisis communications plans are no different.

They allow you think through what has to be done in the event of the unthinkable. More importantly it provides everyone in your organization the opportunity to react immediately and effectively to a given situation.

BCI also offers its services to assist you in managing a crisis. Our consultants are available to provide calm and experienced advice through the difficult times.

Strategic Communications

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Complex issues are difficult to communicate unless you are deliberate in breaking the complexity into digestible packets. Testing strategies is equally important and helps inform your communication deployment.

Our team are creative and pinpoint effective at developing and deploying strategic communications plans. We can also work with teams to improve their media presence and provide media, debate, and public speaking training.

With so much of what we do moving to online platforms, we also work with clients to improve their online communication, whether is developing creative content, or even how to conduct meetings and trainings in an online environment.

Meet our Specialists

Strategic communicators are creative thinkers with an appreciation for both the art and the science of developing communications tools. Our team has an abundance of creativity, talent, and experience. Creating unique communications strategies and tools is what we do.

Victoria El Houry Zwein

Communications, media training, and message development

Mohammad Khasawneh

Creative content, design, and branding

Carlo Binda

Creative content and message management

Ognian Boyadjiev

Strategy and tactics

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