Leadership and Organisational Training

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BCI offers organisational training for those interested in building internal capacities. Focused on your vision, we support strategic review processes, functional team training, and team-building sessions all designed to strengthen your organisation's ability to succeed.


Our facilitators, mentors, and trainers also work with organised workshops, or small groups of individuals to develop advocacy strategies, strategic plans, and campaigns. Our experience with supporting democratic development and institution building is brought to the table working with your beneficiaries or team. Knowledgable in areas of advocacy, governance, leadership, political party organisation, and NGO management. BCI offers you a skilled team.

advocacy and human rights

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We are passionate about human rights and working with rights focused organisations and individials. BCI is regularly called upon to conduct research and provide analyses on the state of specific rights. Our bespoke Political Economy Analyses are in-depth, well researched, and contribute to environmental understanding of rights based work.

Meet our Specialists

The BCI team has worked in, managed, and led different organisations in various contexts while consistently maintaining respectful and diverse workplaces. As mentors, trainers and advisors we help leaders grow their organisations and develop the capacity of teams to implement complicated programmes in challenging environments.

Francesca Binda

Organisational and leadership development expert

Gábor daróczi

Human Rights specialist

eszter kósa

Researcher and rights expert

victoria El Khoury Zwein

Training and development expert

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