Public Opinion Research

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Our clients have great instincts, but instinct needs affirmation or greater depth gained through opinion research. Through our network of partners, we bring the right mix together to field quantitative (polling) and qualitative (focus groups and in-depth interviews). Working with you we will identify key lines of enquiry, develop the tools of investigation, collect the data, and provide sound analyses based on our years of practical research experience.

Framing the message

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Whether its rapid response during the heat of a campaign, or developing key messages for advocacy, we make sure the message is well developed and tested before it's deployed. Message testing involves more than asking, "What do you think of this?", it also includes understanding the values people have and how they can be shifted by well crafted messages.

Meet our Specialists

Every member of the BCI team is a fierce advocate for gender equality. Around the world, we have met and worked with courageous women and men who struggle to combat gender-based violence and discriminatory rules and traditions that prevent women from participating as full citizens.

Francesca Binda

Research design and analysis

Carlo Binda

Focus groups and strategic message management

Mohammad Khasawneh

Research management

Eszter Kósa

Research frameworks

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