Political Consulting

Political Consulting

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BCI has extensive experience working in and with political parties in North America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. Our consultants provide support to parties looking to build or restructure their organisations as well as prepare for and run campaigns. Quite often parties in transitional countries do not lack bright and motivated talent; they lack experience, and that's what we bring to the table. We also support the development of political policy, research, and strategic communications for parties, candidates and elected members. New members to elected office, anywhere in the world, usually have a steep learning curve, let BCI flatten that curve for you.

Strategic Political Communications

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Our team works with candidates and parties to prepare for elections. We conduct public speaking, media, and debate training. Utilising public opinion research (both large-scale polling and targetted focus groups) we develop and manage strategic messaging. We draw upon our long-standing relationships with a network of experienced political consultants, market research, and creative content developers.

Meet our Specialists

Our team has extensive expereince with political parties. As activists within parties we have taken that expereince in support of building parties in post conflict societies, and supporting political actors around the world.

Carlo Binda

Strategic political communications 

Francesca binda

Political party organisation and campaign strategy

Ognian Boyadjiev

Political strategy

Victoria El Khoury Zwein

Campaign development and candidate training

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