Programme assessments and evaluations

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BCI conducts program evaluations and assessments for clients interested in understanding how effective their projects were, where the opportunities are, and what needs to be strengthened.  Our experienced and knowledgable team works closely with clients to examine and explore impact and understand the opportunities ahead. With more than thirty years worth of managing donor-funded programs, and developing program monitoring and evaluation plans, we understand the importance of measuring all success. Our years of experience can provide the context and rationale for complex programs in challenging and sometimes hostile environments.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

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Working with growing civil society organisations, BCI has developed many manuals, trainings, and videos that make MEL less scary for young and growing organisations.  Not only are systems required by donors, but MEL systems are critically important for organisations to learn, improve and grow. Something this valuable shouldn't be inaccessible because of jargon.

We have lots of experience building these skills within organisations. Organisations that are growing their capacities and delivering programs with impact. They are trusted partners with other organisations and among the donor community.

Meet our Specialists

Collectively, we have been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of programming. All of which have been built on monitoring, evaluation, and learning plans. We understand the contexts in which people are asked to design MEL plans, and we know how difficult it is to measure behavioural change - but we've been doing it for the better part of 20 years.

Francesca Binda

Lead assessor and MEL specialist

Mohammad Khasawneh

Research design and management

Eszter Kósa

Research and evaluation frameworks

Victoria El Khoury Zwein

Learning expert

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