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Malta’s stake in European Development assistance

Next week, November 3rd, 2014, the European Parliament’s Development Committee will have an extraordinary meeting to discuss two crises and the European Union’s (EU) proposed approach to managing developmental issues post-2015.  For Maltese organizations and developmental expertise, this represents an important opportunity to ensure that Malta’s Overseas Development Assistance priorities and the EU’s focus on […]

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Libya: a cautiously optimistic first step to stability

  The Libyan Dialogue convened by the UN needs to resolve three years of multiple conflicts.  The Ghadames dialogue brings together House of Representative members, those who have been attending sessions, and some of those who have been boycotting.  Dialogue with militias and their political allies was off the table as the internationally recognized government […]

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Setting the table for constructive dialogue

The UN in Libya has begun the process of dialogue to end the crises.  Bernard Leon met with opposing members of the House of Representatives prior to the Eid Al Adha holiday.  Further discussions are planned, presumably with additional actors representing different communities.  This slow, but deliberate process, requires a great deal of good will, […]

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