BCI is introducing its range of products, online

COVID 19 has changed our world, and the way we work.  BCI is developing packages of trainings that can be delivered to individuals and groups through virtual meeting spaces.  In addition to the packages we still offer bespoke training and consultation but are making them available online. 

Having to move online we realize that our products are now available to people who, in the past, could not attend an in-person training.  This allows us to reach people in remote areas, who’s desire to build community organisations is as important as those who live in urban centres or have the means to travel.  It also allows us to reach people who for various cultural or familial reasons are not able to travel.

We can now reach candidates running for office, women and men working to eliminate gender based violence, or contribute to the growth of their communities.  This is possible because access to the internet is growing by leaps and bounds, while not everyone has access to a computer, many have access to a smart phone and 4G internet access.  That’s why we are making sure our products are available on mobile devices and for locations with limited bandwidth. 

For us, it is not the bells and whistles that count, it’s the content that matters.

Our virtual shop has the following online products:

  • Master Classes, and stand alone modules.
  • Consulting time for NGOs
  • Consulting time for candidates and political parties

Additional material is being developed and will be available shortly, keep checking back, or subscribe to our news letter to be informed when new products are uploaded.  Of course you can always get in touch with us and we can tailor a training or consultation to meet your needs.

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