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What we do

BCI provides consulting services to political actors.  We support the development and implementation of strategic communications for individuals, parties, caucuses, and campaigns.

Our campaign services run the gamut.  The expert BCI team works with candidates to prepare for political debates, engage the media effectively, deliver public addresses, and generally how to be a candidate for public office.  We work with teams to develop campaign strategies, or can lead teams to deliver on a campaign.  BCI’s experts can help your campaign organisation or be your campaign organisation.

Our strategic focus is to support women candidates where we can, but we will work with any candidate, party, or group that broadly shares our values for accountability and democratic practice.

BCI has experience working with candidates and parties around the world.  The multilingual team can prepare basic talking points or provide a full blown media and ad strategy.  We’ll be straight with you, if we can’t do it we can recommend someone who can.  But we can do a heck of a lot, for you.

How we work

  1. Get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs.
  2. We’ll get back to you with a proposed package and quotation for our services.
  3. We get to work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I take the TOOT course?


If you are switching your in-person training into online training and want to keep up to date on how to work in a virtual environment this is an excellent option for you.   If you are interested in training individuals or groups of volunteers or as part of a donor funded program, you can demonstrate competence in having both TOT and online competence.

Q: What makes BCI products so special?


Simply put; it the experience behind our products.  BCI's team is a collection of seasoned practitioners; politicos, international development managers, human rights activists, civil society builders and so much more.  Our products are good because they are proven.

Q: What if I need something special that isn’t offered in your store?


Contact us here and let's talk about what you need.  We'll be straight with you in what we can and cannot do (though we sure can do quite a bit!).

Q: How valuable is a BCI certification?


Honestly, it means you've learned from some of the best talent in the industry.  It is not a formal education certification, but it is recognition of the effort and experience you will have once you complete our various Master Classes.

Q: What are all the Master Classes BCI offers?


We are constantly updating our product line and introducing new Master Class series.  These generally focus on NGO development and organisation, monitoring and evaluation for donor funded projects, strategic and crisis communications, political activism and campaign strategy, policy development, and public opinion research. We can also tailor specific courses to your unique needs; for example, donor engagement strategies, how to break into international development work and succeed, and so much more.

Q: Do I pay tax on purchases from BCI?


We are obliged to charge Malta's 18% VAT for goods or services purchased within the EU, and Monaco.  If your billing address is outside the EU you should not be charged the Malta VAT rate.  Please contact us if you have further questions.

Political Consulting


Political consulting for candidates, politicians or parties.  Our expert team can develop and implement strategic political communications strategies to match your needs.  We work with candidates to develop public speaking skills, media outreach, and prepare for debates.  BCI works with organisations to strengthen or supplement campaign skills.