TOOT (Training of Online Trainer) Master Class

Product Details

Staying competitive and relevant in the “new normal” age of pandemic requires upping your game and acquiring new skills.

BCI has developed a new Training of Online Trainers (TOOT) Master Class. This class is great for anyone who has to conduct online training for adults. You should take this class if you are:
• A member of an NGO who regularly conducts workshops;
• Someone who wants to expand your global audience for training programs;
• An organisation that has donor funded training programs;
• A team or individual switching your in-person training programs to an online platform.

The course consists of three different modules delivered by a multilingual team of expert trainers. You can buy all three or pick and choose those in which you are most interested.

Module I

3 Hours

This module is designed to provide the fundamentals of adult learning for trainers. It examines techniques to ensure your trainees are provided the most effective learning opportunities. We blend traditional elements of Training of Trainer (TOT) programs with new dimensions related to online platforms.

  • Ice Breakers
  • Setting Expectations and Ground Rules
  • Understanding Training and Building Competence
  • Building Online Competence
  • Memory Triggering Tools
  • Tasks

This is a must for experienced and inexperienced TOT trainers; a refresher and new skills for the experienced and a solid start for the inexperienced trainer.

Module II

6 Hours

Module II drills deep into tools and techniques employed in an online training environment. Online training presents some significant challenges because you can’t “feel the room” or adapt to in-person cues. But the online environment also presents a great deal of opportunity that is richly explored in this session.

  • Creating a Receptive Online Environment
  • Utilizing Online Platforms
  • Preparing Your Group Presentation (presentation to trainer and group)

Module III

6 Hours

In this final module we will explore session planning, design, and execution. With on-line training, there is a great deal to plan, practice, and adapt for specific audiences. Being effective at mapping that learning journey is the essence of this course.

  • Session Designs
  • Isolating and Defining Learning Objectives
  • Architecture of Session Mapping
  • Mastering Learning Cycles

We will offer this Master Class over three (3) days beginning the last Friday of each month*.

We can provide bespoke training for groups of four or more, please contact us to discuss how we can schedule your group, at times that work best for you.

* BCI reserves the right to change schedules, and where it warrants, provide credit for future sessions or refunds where appropriate. We will make every effort to keep to scheduled programming, but as we have come to know – life can be interrupted.

Languages Available
We are immediately able to provide the course for English, Arabic, French, and Hungarian speaking audiences. In classes with mixed audiences we will only be able to provide instruction in one language but can potentially arrange translation. Beyond the languages listed, if you or a group have other language needs get in touch with us and we’ll try to accommodate your preferred language.

For the entire three-days course the cost is €300* per individual participant. If you book a group of 4 or more the cost is €200 per participant. Each session is limited to 15 participants, please contact us if your group is larger than 15 persons and we can provide both bespoke schedules and discounts.

Taking each module separately is €125 per participant per module, or €105 per participant for groups of four or more.

For purchases made within the EU (SEPA Countries, except Monaco are excluded) we are required to charge Malta’s 18% VAT.

* Pre-booking fees are subject to change without notice.
** This is exclusive of requested adaptations or accommodations which are subject to negotiation.

How to buy
Please select the product or products you want, add them to your shopping cart and pay online with Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. You can also wire our account directly from the information provided on the payment page. If none of these options work for you, and you still want to take the course or separate modules get in touch with us at [email protected]

What You Get

  • New relevant skills for being a Master Trainer for an online environment
  • BCI Certification as a Master Online Trainer
  • Limited time access to our online resource package
  • Access to our multi-lingual training team for follow up consultation and mentoring
  • Enrolled in our database of trainers for potential future contractual engagement

What You Need
First, you need a desire for adult learning, training, and creating dynamic workshop environments.

Secondly, you will need access to the internet, preferably with a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile devices will work, but the small screens of smart phones, for example, may limit your experience.

Finally, you will need a quiet place somewhere where your cheering and clapping won’t disturb others around you!! A library – not a good place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I take the TOOT course?


If you are switching your in-person training into online training and want to keep up to date on how to work in a virtual environment this is an excellent option for you.   If you are interested in training individuals or groups of volunteers or as part of a donor funded program, you can demonstrate competence in having both TOT and online competence.

Q: What makes BCI products so special?


Simply put; it the experience behind our products.  BCI's team is a collection of seasoned practitioners; politicos, international development managers, human rights activists, civil society builders and so much more.  Our products are good because they are proven.

Q: What if I need something special that isn’t offered in your store?


Contact us here and let's talk about what you need.  We'll be straight with you in what we can and cannot do (though we sure can do quite a bit!).

Q: How valuable is a BCI certification?


Honestly, it means you've learned from some of the best talent in the industry.  It is not a formal education certification, but it is recognition of the effort and experience you will have once you complete our various Master Classes.

Q: What are all the Master Classes BCI offers?


We are constantly updating our product line and introducing new Master Class series.  These generally focus on NGO development and organisation, monitoring and evaluation for donor funded projects, strategic and crisis communications, political activism and campaign strategy, policy development, and public opinion research. We can also tailor specific courses to your unique needs; for example, donor engagement strategies, how to break into international development work and succeed, and so much more.

Q: Do I pay tax on purchases from BCI?


We are obliged to charge Malta's 18% VAT for goods or services purchased within the EU, and Monaco.  If your billing address is outside the EU you should not be charged the Malta VAT rate.  Please contact us if you have further questions.

TOOT (Training of Online Trainer) Master Class



This three day course will provide you with all the skills necessary to become a master trainer using the online environment. What You Get

  • New relevant skills for being a Master Trainer for an online environment
  • BCI Certification as a Master Online Trainer
  • Limited time access to our online resource package
  • Access to our multi-lingual training team for follow up consultation and mentoring
  • Enrolled in our database of trainers for potential future contractual engagement