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International Education Day!


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The BCI team was surprised to discover that January 24 was the first International Day for Education.  There are many international days for far less important issues, why has it taken so long for an international day to acknowledge the importance of education?

In our work around the world, we are constantly reminded of the value of education - it can lift people out of poverty, provide girls with equal opportunities, reconcile communities and prevent discrimination.

To mark this day, BCI's Programme Manager, Eszter Kósa shared her thoughts on the importance of education from her perspective as a social policy advocate, a social worker and, as a mother.  You can read her post on our website.  Eszter also sat down with Christine Binda, an educator and mother, to discuss the importance of education.  We video-taped that discussion and you can see it by clicking on the YouTube icon below.

So, this week we salute all the teachers in our lives -  there must be one in yours, make sure you let them know how valuable her/his contribution is to education. 

- The BCI Team!

Education: Basic Right, Not Luxury