Tales from Ta'Xbiex
June 2018
Dear , Welcome to the European Republic of GDPR. The last-minute flurry of emails asking for opt-in was frantic. But thanks to all our loyal subscribers for taking the time to opt into us. We dig you too. So much so we want to get caught up on what’s going on with us.

Last word on GDPR from BCI's Tech manager

BCI Tech Manager

As mentioned we have been busy reviewing our data protection policies, how we store and manage our data. Fortunately, we are a consultancy, and really, this subscription is the only platform we have that collects data from others. We aren’t in the health field, education, or marketing, so we didn’t really have much change. But it was an excellent opportunity to reflect and update our list.

One vendor contacted a colleague of ours to inform that it was asking customers to opt in. Problem is that it did so in an email with all customers listed in the cc: section. Oops. Fortunately for the vendor, it happened a day before GDPR came into effect.


Become a BCI YouTube Star!


BCI is taking the opportunity to publish videos on our YouTube channel. We’d love you to take a look and subscribe if you like what you see. It's still early days, and we are working on both content and tech abilities, but we are enjoying using video to provide training content as well as more informal chats about what we're thinking of in the world of politics and democracy. Thanks to all of you who have left comments or sent emails.

Beyond us talking about what we are thinking about, we would love to interview people like you; interesting, thoughtful people, with a wealth of experience. Let us know if we can conduct an interview. You choose the topic. So long as it meets BCI standards, we are happy to post. We have reasonably sensible standards of decency and do not promote the use of cilantro (fresh coriander).

Visit our channel, and let us know what you think, click the YouTube icon above or click here.


Strategic Partnerships


As we continue to grow, BCI is developing strategic collaborations with organisations and individuals. We will soon announce our partnership with an EU Framework consortium competing for Lot 3 contracts (Human Rights, Democracy and Peace), once all is finalised. We are excited to be building things out at this point and look forward to the prospect of bringing more people under our roof.

We are also teaming up with the US-based Global Strategic Partners on developing collaborations, applying for grants, and exploring new opportunities. We are looking forward to working with old friends and new.

BCI is also continuing its partnership with the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in support of civil society in Libya. This creative project has developed unique research exploring the operating environment for civil society in Libya. While the political, economic and security situations in Libya may be complicated, it is apparent that grassroots activists are working with local actors and institutions to deliver services, humanitarian assistance, and address a range of issues. So, although some may find it easy to say Libya is a complete mess, the truth is more complicated; there are cohesive communities, institutions are working with communities, life is moving forward. This isn’t to minimise the severe problems that citizens on a daily basis, but only to point out that a resilient Libyan people continue to press on with building their communities in a post-Gaddafi era.


It's our birthday!

On July 1, 2018, BCI will be four years old!

We will, of course, be celebrating and if you happen to be in Malta then, let us know, and we will invite you to join us marking the occasion. Truth be told, we’ve been so busy that we really haven’t had time to organise anything yet, but we will, if even just opening some bubbly.


Recent guest blog posts

Finally, if you missed our recent guest blog posts from Vicky El-Khoury Zwein on her recent experience as a candidate in the Lebanese elections (in English and Arabic) or from Frank Talbot on recent municipal elections in Zawiya, Libya, you can find them on our website.

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