BCI joins EU-based Consortium


BCI joins EU consortium for the next round of SIEA 2018 FWCs

 Binda Consulting International (BCI) is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded, as a partner firm in a consortium led by IBF International Consulting, the opportunity to participate in the European Commission’s (EC) next round of Framework Contracts (FWCs) for the implementation of external aid (SIEA) in 2018.

BCI has joined a partnership of experienced consultancy firms that, together, will bid for projects under the EC’s sectors of ‘Lot 3: Human Rights, Democracy and Peace’.

What are FWCs?

An FWC is a tool used by the EC to rapidly and efficiently recruit experts to participate in external aid programmes. FWCs were designed by the EC to provide short-term services for the benefit of partner countries and to supplement its provision of smaller technical assistance projects.

FWCs operate on a multi-year basis (typically a four-year period) and allow for the participation of selected consortia to supply services to the EC for specific areas of expertise.  For more information on FWCs, visit the European Commission’s website.

How does the bidding process work? 

Through a Request for Services, the EC invites pre-selected consortia to bid for projects and submit offers for consideration. Each consortium puts forward a qualified team of experts sourced from partner organisations to submit bids.

The EC evaluates the submissions of different consortia and selects the most attractive and competitive offer. Once selected, the successful consortium partners mobilise the proposed team of experts to implement the project.

What services are solicited?

The EC solicits a variety of consultancy services for each phase of the project cycle including identification, feasibility, operational, technical follow-up assignments, financial and/or contractual monitoring, project evaluation, financial or contractual audits of projects, technical advice and support, information and communication and the closing of projects.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in being included in our international consultants’ database and considered as a potential member of an expert team, please submit your updated CV, in the EU format, which can be downloaded here.  You can submit your CV on our website or send an email to [email protected]

BCI is currently looking for consultants with expertise in the following areas:

·      Human rights, democracy and rule of law

·      Enhancement of the role of civil society

·      Local Authorities and decentralization

·      Conflict prevention and resolution, peace and security

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